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Culture & Diversity (24)

  • Historic Shanghai

    No longer operating at a fixed location
    Historic Shanghai was founded in 1998 with the goal of preserving Shanghai’s unique history by raising awareness and appreciation of its heritage architecture and social and cultural history. The group does...
  • Laowai Ladies Shanghai

    Online activity
    Laowai Ladies Shanghai is a group chat for foreign women living in Shanghai. Not only is it a safe place to chat, find friendship or look for fun, it's also to ask for help, offer support or network.
  • A relatively active community with frequent meetings organized through Meetup for anyone interested in learning and practicing Chinese, English or Spanish in Shanghai. Resources and support are provided for...
  • Mahjong Club for Foreigners

    139 1811 0417
    Venues change according to different activities.
    A newly founded Mahjong Club that teaches foreigners how to play it and gain some Chinese cultural experience. They offer Mahjong courses and weekly mahjong games. The bill at the Mahjong playing place is splited by...
  • ShanghaiPRIDE

    Venues vary each year.
    ShanghaiPRIDE is an annual LGBTQ celebration of diversity. Established in 2009, ShanghaiPRIDE was the first PRIDE event to take place in mainland China, and is organized entirely by volunteers with the support of...
  • The Richest Women in Shanghai

    Venues change according to different activities.
    The Richest Women in Shanghai allows women the access to the financial education they deserve so that they can make smart and empowered decisions about money. The concept is based on the book The Richest Man in...
  • International Professional Women’s Society is a volunteer-run platform for dynamic women with diverse professional backgrounds to connect. Through their community and events, they build networks, foster...
  • Shanghai 1 - 1 Language Exchange

    Venues change based on individuals making their own appointments with others.
    A newly formed community that allows people to find 1-1 language exchange partners. Their WeChat group in Beijing had up to 200 and the Shanghai group is still expanding. 
  • Royal Asiatic Society China

    The House of Roosevelt, 3/F, 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu
    中山东一路27号3楼, 近北京东路
    The Royal Asiatic Society China in Shanghai is a scholarly society devoted to furthering the understanding and appreciation of China and Asia-centric themes amongst the international community residing here....
  • Ladies Wine and Design Shanghai

    Venues vary according to different activities.
    Ladies Wine & Design host monthly events to encourage women in 180 cities to build relationships and work together within the creative industry. The significantly lower percentage of female art directors inspired...
  • Shanghai Queer Film Festival

    Venues vary according to different activities.
    Shanghai Queer Film Festival (SHQFF) is the first independent LGBTQ-themed film festival in Shanghai. Launched in 2016, they run a series of events every September to celebrate queer cinema and culture. Their team is...
  • Latinas Clan

    Venues change according to different activities.
    Originally, La Mafia Latina, was established in 2016 founded by Nancy Vegas. It was later reformed to Latinas Clan by Catalina Del Castillo, a community of women helping each other on everything from tips around the...
  • Asian Bananas in Shanghai is a community that aims to celebrate the unique blend of eastern and western cultures. The majority of their members are of Asian heritage who have spent some part of their lives in the...
  • AmBADASSador

    136 7176 7402

    AmBADASSador is a community that holds events for plus size girls. Their Curvy Girl events are every two months and involve activities such as Zumba, belly dance and burlesque, plus they also have a Curvy Girl Swap...
  • Superwomen in Data aims to bring together female experts in data and digital professional fields. The community gives them the opportunity to share their experience, gather professional discussions for future change...