A Little Booze Never Hurt: Two Places for Alcoholic Ice Cream

By Jul 26, 2020 Dining
Summer is not over yet — there is still time for ice cream. Now with booze! We found two shops mixing beer, rum, white wine and even baijiu into their ice cream. Is it good? We tried them. Hit the jump for more!


Dip In Gelato on Fumin Lu opened in March. The industrial interior doesn’t suggest ice cream; more like a boutique. But there is indeed a refrigerator inside.

Right now they are doing a summer menu, with a lot of sorbet and vegan options, but we came here to try the wanghong Lychee Cream Beer (荔枝奶油啤酒), which supposedly contains 1.4% alcohol. The beer is fruity, sort of like a cider, and texture is smoothly dense. Two flavors for 35rmb.

The owner was there when we visited. She was shy but did tell us she created the flavors and the shop makes everything itself. If Earl Grey Cheesecake or Malted Milk White Coffee seem like good ice cream ideas to you, get down before they change the menu.

At Fontaine, a small shop that shares a space with a Shanghainese restaurant, they’ve been putting booze in their gelato since they opened in May. Bacardi, Four Roses, Monin and Maotai all have their place in the freezer.

The signature here is the Flying Fairy Moutai (49rmb), which is very chocolatey and very boozy. The lingering taste of Maotai is actually quite pleasant with chocolate. You wouldn’t guess it before you’ve tried it.

The seasonal special, Pandan Coconut Rum, uses Bacardi and the juice of pandan leaves. Light, fresh, a little watery because of the alcohol, but overall super delightful. But it will be gone in about a week, replaced by two outrageous flavors: orange osmanthus with white wine, and tequila, Tabasco and wild berries. Cheers!



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